Timberhood Consulting provides plumbing design for government, institutional and commercial buildings.  No matter how big or how small of an organization, clients depend on and use plumbing utilities.  At Timberhood Consulting we can identify the existing conditions and design innovative systems that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.  Our approach is to assist owners to make good informed decisions to ensure they receive the best possible value.  Timberhood Consulting can help reduce consumption while improving the financial bottom line.  If you need a gas line for an emergency generator, pneumatic air for self-leveling laser table,  domestic booster pump for a multi story building, capture rain water for bathroom use or special gas for your clean room or medical facility, Timberhood Consulting is ready to design it. The following are plumbing services that we provide:

  • Equipment and system assessment.
  • System planning and detailed design
  • Contract documents.
  • Construction review site-surveys.
  • Equipment sizing and replacement.
  • Due diligence assessments.
  • Energy audits.

Georgia Tech Alumni/Faculty House | Building Chiller and AHU Upgrade

project_2This project provided the design services for the renovation of a 19,000 square foot, four-story (including the basement) Alumni House Building, located on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.  Load calculations were performed on the building and four new air handling units were designed to accommodate the calculated building heating and cooling loads.  Building ventilation requirements for each floor were in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 62.  One new air-cooled chiller including the chilled water pump were designed and reconnected to the existing piping system.  One new hot water converter, steam condensate pump and hot water pump were designed.  Controls for the new chiller, pumps, and air handling equipment will be updated to electric/digital controls.  Architectural and interior design will be included to rebuild and paint walls and ceilings as required to match existing conditions. The project is currently on hold for funding and expected to be completed in late 2008.

Georgia Tech – #170 Global Learning Center Server Room 409

project_1 This project provided engineering design services for Computer Room 409 located in the Distance Learning and Professional Education Building on the campus of Georgia Tech.  Load calculations were calculated for the space and a new chilled water, floor-mounted computer room unit was designed to accommodate the calculated cooling requirements.  The new computer room unit will have electric re-heat and humidification capabilities.  Electric loads were served from the fourth floor electrical room.

Georgia State University: Chilled Water Extension | Student Center to Alumni Hall

project_3This project provided the engineering design for extending the chilled water supply and return lines around the Student Center building and under Gilmer Street to serve Alumni Hall HVAC equipment.  Design provided:
  • Connected to existing east campus chilled water plant piping with new 6-inch piping located in the Student Center mechanical room.
  • Mechanical piping was routed under Gilmer Street to the mechanical room in Alumni Hall.
  • Variable frequency chilled water pumps were installed.
  • Removed existing chillers, condenser piping, cooling towers, pumps, and associated equipment in Alumni Hall.
  • Civil engineering services providing grading, drainage, erosion control, pipe trench, and trench excavation details for Jack & Bore methods beneath Gilmer Street for the pipe routing from the Student Center to Alumni Hall.
  • Site hardscape and landscape design for site renovations associated with the extension of a chilled water line from the Student Center to Alumni Hall.
The project is currently under construction and expected to be completed the summer of 2007.

Georgia Tech: Renovation of Hefner Residence Hall

project_5This is an existing 28,000 square foot, three-story residence hall including a basement level.  The building will be completely "gutted" and new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and interior finishes will be installed.

The Hefner Residence Hall was originally constructed in 1969.  The project involves refurbishing the interior bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom HVAC and plumbing systems for an existing three-story dormitory with a full basement.  The design also included connecting the underground building utilities into existing services.  The building's HVAC system was changed from a 2-pipe to a 4-pipe system.

The project is expected to be completed mid-2008.